No SNORING please!~

This joke is purely for Laughing purposes. No intention to insult or provoke anyone. Thanks!~

I was on the bus going back home after a long tired night. There was this couple sitting just right in front on the left side of me. They were chatting. Nothing special.

As the bus drove off from one station to another, the lady was happily chatting with the man, but I noticed that the man was either not concentrating or was in his own dream. Then, the lady leaned on his shoulder and started to take a nap. She was tired of not getting the attention, Probably. And there was no surprise. No nothing once again.

As the journey goes on, I started to fall asleep, into my own world listening to beautiful music. Suddenly, I heard noise ringing in my ears. I don't know what is it. It feels weird. And I open my eyes to justify what is happening.

In the end, I realized, the lady was SNORING. The funny part was the man did not even bother about the lady and let her sing her song until they reached their destination. I was laughing, smiling in my heart thinking that if I ever do this in the public bus, it's nothing more than embarrassing.

p/s: They should put a sticker on the bus. Silent your noise. No snoring please.

pp/s: We all SNORED, but all in their own special ways.:)






Bye Bye 2009

It's 6.51pm right now and I am sitting right in front of my laptop writing this post. 2009 will soon come to an end. Another 5 hours and 9 minutes will be year 2010.

Sudden of sadness haunt me as I reminisced the past that I've been through. I did not know if those were failures or success to make me a person i'm now. There are times when you grew up, you need to learn along the process. Sometimes, not all the things that had happened we learnt, but rather than to absorb it bit by bit. I am a human. I can't learn all things in one day. I do not have such ability or supernatural power to get it all in my mind. I am still learning.

To say so, I would want to take this opportunity to apologize sincerely to those I've met and hurt them, irritate them and etc along the journey of my life. I know such pain is unbearable. I know words cannot mend a broken heart in such a short period of time. I know only time will slowly heal the pain, or even not, I don't know. But then again, I'm hopeful, and the same I hope best to all my friends and people out there.

Don't give up hope in life. Cherish life as how you cherish yourself!~Have a great new year guys!~~

Also, I'm taking this opportunity to learn as well.

Doom days are over.


Finish my last paper at last. It's like waiting for years to end all this. But somehow, the feeling is different than the previous semester. I would be shouting like crazy if i were at the previous semester. I just couldn't control my joy. This latter ones somehow didn't capture the joy i had. Or perhaps i didn't know how to express or i am numb towards what is expected to happen. Or perhaps i'm still worried over my LKM400 paper. I really don't want to resit for that paper again. God bless me please!~

Alright, no more grumbling over what had happened. So what next? Plan for the holiday of course!~

1. Tuition
I got plenty of tuitions to be replaced as I have exam during this november.

2. Work
As usual, I will work for the Japanese foodfair at Gurney Plaza from 21/11-29-11. Need money that bad. Come over to Gurney guys, especially for those who are japanese food lover, you will most likely find what you want there, I hope!~

Then, there's my final year project. There are plenty of things to be settled as we were way back of our schedule. Sigh, but it's ok, WE are ADWAVIANS!We can do it!~

3. Holiday
Won't be going anywhere i'm supposed except for my parent's 30years anniversary. Will stay in HardRock Hotel and enjoy,enjoy, enjoy!!!~

I guess that's my plan for this coming holiday. Enjoy life guys!~

Transgender Ad Clip

This short clip is what we do for our group Transgender assignment. We consider it as the brain child of the whole idea of Transgender. Before you start watching the video, please do put up your thinking cap. Be sensible and emotionally attached as you go on with the clip. In another way, you will learn and put yourself in other people's shoe.

Transgender is just like anyone of us. That's why we say nobody deserves to be an outcast. That's why we say Everyone is Unique. Even our thumbprints are different. Who are we to judge them and say that this is right or wrong?

Sit back, relax and enjoy!~

p/s: Special thanks to Rishvan, Prithi Sharma, Angela Chye Ming Huei, Neoh Shin Yen, Jolene Teh Pei-Wern, Wong Sze Yin and Juliet Ooi Sheen Way for making this clip a success. You guys are wonderful!~


Things get very busy lately. If you see the headline you know what i mean. Sigh-ing and Argh-ing!~I don't understand and i could not figure out why our lecturers like to pile things up and make us sweat till the end of the study semester. We were so free during the middle of the semester when we could go out doing the yamcha-ing and play games and so on!~Life is so good that time!~

But things changed now. I got like 1 exam, 1 roleplay, 2 presentations and plenty of assignments on hand. This week will be vital and i will have to be my best. I believe I will. That's the spirit I have all the time!!~So, guys out there, enjoy and be prepare for war!!~For those who are quite free, bless those that in needs. Thank you and good day!!!~

J. Co Doughnut, A class above!~

Hooray!The long awaited J. Co Doughnut is finally open its store in Queensbay Mall Penang. The anxious moment has finally arrived. I just can't wait to go there and try its doughnut,oh my god, oh my god!!~

Well, there you go. A few pictures for you guys to enjoy!~