No SNORING please!~

This joke is purely for Laughing purposes. No intention to insult or provoke anyone. Thanks!~

I was on the bus going back home after a long tired night. There was this couple sitting just right in front on the left side of me. They were chatting. Nothing special.

As the bus drove off from one station to another, the lady was happily chatting with the man, but I noticed that the man was either not concentrating or was in his own dream. Then, the lady leaned on his shoulder and started to take a nap. She was tired of not getting the attention, Probably. And there was no surprise. No nothing once again.

As the journey goes on, I started to fall asleep, into my own world listening to beautiful music. Suddenly, I heard noise ringing in my ears. I don't know what is it. It feels weird. And I open my eyes to justify what is happening.

In the end, I realized, the lady was SNORING. The funny part was the man did not even bother about the lady and let her sing her song until they reached their destination. I was laughing, smiling in my heart thinking that if I ever do this in the public bus, it's nothing more than embarrassing.

p/s: They should put a sticker on the bus. Silent your noise. No snoring please.

pp/s: We all SNORED, but all in their own special ways.:)


kae vin said...

haha. take a video and post it up :P

and, update more about ur life in Sg! :D

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